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Frantz EyeCare is the largest physician-owned and led multi-specialty eye care practice in Southwest Florida. The Frantz EyeCare physician team is staffed with highly skilled, board-certified specialists devoted to providing the most compassionate patient care while utilizing the most advanced technology in the eye industry.

Patients before profits

When Dr. Jonathan Frantz launched his own practice 30 years ago, he did so with the foundational principle that patient care should alwayscome first. From the onset, Dr. Frantz knew it was critical that thedirectional decisions for the growth of the practice needed to be made through the eyes of his patients.

Over the last decade, many privately-owned healthcare practices have sold their ownership to private equity companies. While many practice owners have done this with the hope that their business would financially stabilize and become more profitable, patient care and outcomes have often suffered as a result.

The slippery slope of private equity

A 2023 study from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Health found that “private equity investment was most closely associated with increases in costs for payers and patients, in some cases, as high as 32%.” This investigation evaluated practices based upon four categories: the quality of health care provided, costs to the financially responsible party, overall costs to the operations of the health care facility, and patient health outcomes.

Because of Dr. Frantz’s heart for the healthy vision of each individual patient, he remains committed to ensuring that patient care does not resemble a conveyor belt system. If the managing company of a healthcare practice is also financially controlling accounting firms or businesses in other markets such as software, technology and insurance, then profits – not patient wellness – will be their primary objective. Human beings deserve the dignity of personalized attention, and Dr. Frantz is determined to ensure that his patients know that their care will always come first.

High standards for patient outcomes

Vision technology has dramatically evolved over the last few years, and Dr. Frantz considers investing in the latest advancements to be a responsibility that he owes to the patients at Frantz EyeCare. With solutions available for all eyes and all phases of life, patients who need a refractive correction have several laser vision correction options to choose from.

  • LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) using WaveLight technology to change the shape of the cornea, enabling the light entering the eye to focus optimally onto the retina.
  • SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) combines the safety of traditional vision correction with a smaller incision and lower likelihood of dry eye symptoms.
  • EVO ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) is implanted in the eye and protects the eye by blocking harmful UV rays. The lens can be removed or replaced if the vision needs of the patient change.
  • PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) preceded LASIK and is a procedure designed to correct vision for patients with a thinner cornea.
  • RLE (Refractive Lens Exchange) can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and even presbyopia using the advanced technology of intraocular lens implants (IOLs).

While several practices only offer one or two solutions for correcting refractive errors, Dr. Frantz and his team of specialists know how important it is for patients to achieve a vision solution designed specifically to meet the individual needs of their eyes.

Dr. Frantz has been named Best in Cataract Surgery and Best in LASIK Surgery for several years by News-Press readers. But being “best” means that you not only have to have a top team of highly-trained specialists, but also the best variety of solutions available in the market. Patients who are experiencing cloudy or blurry vision, halos, double vision or dimmed colors should be evaluated for cataracts. Frantz EyeCare offers the latest enhancement lens technology to patients to improve their visual outcomes.

  • The PanOptix® Lens provides better vision at near, far and intermediate distances for a full range of vision clarity.
  • The Vivity™ Lens improves night vision and gives an extended depth of focus.
  • The Light Adjustable Lens is a unique technology that makes it possible for patients to receive customizable adjustments to the power of the lens after cataract surgery.

Astigmatic correction is also a feature of these lenses and, of course, each physician at Frantz EyeCare is dedicated to diagnosing and treating the vision of each patient according to their individual lifestyle needs.

Thirty years strong and counting

Frantz EyeCare has been a thriving practice in Southwest Florida for three decades. This is, in part, because Dr. Frantz ensures that his patients will have access to in-house physicians who have a variety of eye health specialties. Providing an array of treatment options for cataracts, refractive correction, the diagnosis and management of retina, cornea, and glaucoma disease, functional and cosmetic oculoplastic surgery, and comprehensive care, Frantz EyeCare truly defines what a full-service practice should be.

But what makes a great practice an exceptional practice is empathy. Physicians must be connected to the desires of their patients – not investors. Dr. Frantz and his team are dedicated to quality patient care through the utilization of advanced technology, efficiency with compassion, and superior customer service. These characteristics have resulted in high patient retention and continued growth for Frantz EyeCare over the years, and this standard of excellence will continue to guide the physician-owned and led practice into an even brighter future.

To learn more about Frantz EyeCare and schedule an appointment, visit www.bettervision.net.

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